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smart farming

Connecting the agriculture
industry - farm to fork!

Cropway - SaaS Based AgTech

Technology-enabled, sustainability-
focused supply chain

We are dedicated to develop technology that backs up a sustainable,
highly consistent, and cost-effective agri ecosystem. 

Cropway partners with stakeholders in agribusiness in making data-
driven decisions for improving productivity and profitability with a
digitally traceble supply chain to enhance value for the global farming

Our Solution - Fully Integrated AgTech Platform

Geospatial crop advisory & farm intelligence

Enhance productivity with Cropway’s own self-help AI-powered tools that provide real-time price forecasting, pest/disease detection, fertiliser calculation, yield, and crop prediction.


Seller studio – Agri output

Connect, purchase, and sell farm produce profitably with buyers, processors, and output agencies in a digitally traceble way.


Marketplace – Agri input

With doorstep delivery for all recommended agriculture related inputs, chemicals, and commodities for farmers and other agri-food value chain stakeholders.

Cropway Marketplace

Partner with Cropway - Together we can solve the hunger epidemic to drastically improve the lives of millions across the nation and globe.

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