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Here’s all what you need in an Agriculture Ecosystem !!

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How to use Cropway Marketplace?


Farmers can sell their produce directly at our platform.

Cropway Coordinators

Cropway Coordinators (CWC) get a great opportunity to earn.


Become our logistics partner and  get opportunity to grow with us.


Vendors (Sellers) can sell on our platform just like other e-Commerce platforms.

Our Story

At Cropway we are dedicated to develop technology that backs up a sustainable, highly consistent, and cost effective Agri Ecosystem. 

Why It Matters?

Farmers in developing countries face various injustice and are left unawarded for the hard work.
Cropway believes in creating a fair and prosperous supply chain for both farmers and consumers.

About Us

We are an ‘Agritech-Startup’ with expertise in cutting edge ICT technologies including Artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science and IOT with a willingness to extend our help to various state governments and stakeholders to help create electronic value chain applications for the farming communities to:

Facilitate input market linkages supported with logistics infrastructure network.
Help digitizing records through farm management.
Facilitating output market linkages through efficient post- harvest supply-chain.
Improving yield through precision agriculture.
Instituting quality management and traceability.
Providing access to credit and insurance through appropriate financial institutes.