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Farm Advisory

Agricultural specialists on our Advisory Team help farmers uncover economic opportunities at every stage of the crop cycle, from seed preparation to harvest. They advise and assist farmers in the use of farm machinery, technology, and cutting-edge methods.


Digital collaboration and data insights empower your agronomic advisory efforts using the market’s leading agri full stack platform.


The extensive information we obtain on the ground assists us in developing sales plans for you, and our agriculture services are comprehensive for a wide range of products.


We also provide insights into customer behaviours and the ways they make purchase decisions, both in urban as well as rural settings so that we can facilitate a smoother communication process.


Our agricultural experts extend research from the laboratory to the field by offering practical solutions for urban farming and providing business and technical advice and support to farmers so that their business ideas become practical and sustainable.

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Professional Agricultural Services

Your agricultural business must maintain the supply of food while guaranteeing that the produce is healthy and suitable for consumption. Our agricultural services reimagine smart agriculture for your better tomorrow! Through these five pillars of agriculture consulting and services, our Agri experts can ensure your business moves in the right direction.

Planning & Development

Project Management & Implementation

Financial Services & Partner Search

Value Chain Development

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We provide farmers with one-of-a-kind, innovative, long-term, and well-researched solutions to help them expand more quickly. Project design and development, turn-key execution, value delivery assistance, discovering new markets for products, and negotiating the best price for farmers are some of the agriculture services we provide.

We focus on result-driven, custom-made solutions from a growth and sustainability standpoint. Our agricultural consulting service helps farmers make better crop planting decisions by presenting them with a number of options that best suit their region’s climate, water availability, and market demands.

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All your best farm consulting demands can be met in one place. Cropway’s has agriculture experts who specialise in providing you with cost-effective solutions to the most difficult situations.

The Cropway scientists provide on-farm experience, while the agronomists provide scientific expertise. Additionally, their agricultural advisory services might assist you in improving your performance in your field when combined with your experience.

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Agriculture Consulting Services

We have a revolutionary influence on food and agriculture firms and organisations by increasing efficiencies, igniting growth, redefining sectors, and improving organisational performance. Our innovative technology, digital talents, and advanced analytical capabilities, when paired with our vast knowledge, are the cornerstones of the value in our agriculture services that we deliver to our clients.

Mushroom Farming

Rice Farming

Chilli Farming

Banana Farming

Makhana Farming

Polyhouse Structures

Dragon Fruit Farming

Custard Apple Farming

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Cropway virtual seminars - Our specialists give virtual agri workshops
Course + Farm Planning Tools for Agripreneurs

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