Cropway, organised Krishi Sammelan (FPO Meet) at 5 Districts in Chhattisgarh


The division of Marketing and Promotion, Cropway, organised the FPO Meet (krishi Sammelan) at various places in Chhattisgarh from May 2022 to July 2022. The places include Sargaon (Bilaspur), Wadrafnagar (Balrampur), Baikunthpur (Koriya), Saja (Bemetara), Dawanbod (Raipur) and Kosmandi (Raipur). The farmers attended the event, and approximately 400+ farmers were in attendance. The event’s key point was introducing rural farmers to new-age technologies in farming.

The topics covered during the day-long sessions included how Cropway provides technical assistance to farmers in smart farming and market linkages. We assist the FPOs and their members in achieving sustainable farming practises while also recognising the best of modern technology such as GIS Technology, Disease detection Technology, Dynamic Pricing Technology, Price prediction Technology, Nutrient recommender, Blockchain for food traceability, and Market Linkage.

During the event, the farmers shared opinions, problems, and suggestions for their upcoming farming season. Understanding the needs of farmers and the challenges they face is the most rewarding aspect of our work, as it is for them that we innovate!

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